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Originally Posted by MJ Services View Post
you're correct. the HP ratings seem to be a little jacked up currently from one dealer to another. I spoke to the one salesman today about it. He clarified that the Kawi 27 is actually a 26 under the new ratings. He also mentioned the 25 Kawi on my old Wildcat woulda been around 21hp with the new ratings. Seems most dealers I spoke to today weren't aware of this, or much else for that matter. I guess some of the literature from 2012 to 2013 hasn't been "updated" yet. So thanks for clarifying. I've def decided on the TigerCat and will be nixing the bagger.

On a side note, in the past two days, I've called about 15 dealers within drivein distance to me. Of those 15, I'd say 3 of them had a clue what they were talking about. The others were just reading specs right out of the book....I mean come on, for that kinda $$ for a stupid mower, I'd expect the salesman to know wtf he's saying. Most everything I got today was already right on the website and many dealers just quoted me MSRP and had an attitude of "eh take it or leave it" I'm really hoping my local dealer (which I really like) will come through on the price for me or at least get close. A little customer service goes a loooooooong way and it sure is nice to be treated respectfully when you're about to drop that kinda coin on a piece of equipment, even if it is a lower priced unit. thanks for all your help, I'll post pics whenever I buy something
There are a ton of posts and threads here on this subject. It's true that not many dealers seem to know the a** from a hole in the ground, which is really pathetic IMO.

The poster above who told you that the old 27 is now a 24.5 is correct. The dealer was still full of it when he said 26. It's all right on Kawi's website. Unfortunately, Kohler is not making the switch over to the new and more accurate rating system unless they have to for some of their bigger buyers like they have to for Deere, so their website is still misleading and causing confusion for many.
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I can also tell by looking back to see how they're hanging and often reach back and feel them to see how firm they are.
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