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Originally Posted by Dan85 View Post
Awesome photos, Tom. Work looks good too - I really like how everyone on site works together.

How do you like the Komatsu? The last outfit I worked for had two, late-model Komatsu loaders (250/320) and they were about the nicest loader I've ever been in.
Yes its so nice to work with some other loader operators that know what they are doing!! Although I did have to give a lesson to one on how to use the snow pusher the correct way. haha

I actually really like the Komatsu, pushes snow really well. And its really quick for loading trucks. Its also very comfortable (spent 38hrs in it last week in 4 days), They just need to make better window defrosters. Either have to have the heat blasting and a window open or the heat barely on and be very cold. But every loader I have been in has that problem. Need some vents on the ceiling or something to blow on the top half of the windshield.

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