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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
Go with the stihl the husky is too heavy and bulky I've tried them both, I don't squabble over $10- $20 for handheld stuff just buy it. You've probably already wasted that much in gas shopping around. I decide what I want to buy before I go to the store usually, so as not to waste gas and time, theirs AND mine. I also go on the premise that you should have one brand of handhelds for the most part, same with mowers, this makes spare parts and maint much easier and cost effective.
I'm like you, no need to worry over a few bucks. I buy all my handhelds from one dealer now and they take good care of me. All I ask them to do is fill the tank and start it before I leave the dealership. I've been out working and have some handheld go down and they will usually fix it on the spot for me. They also make sure that all my repairs are WARRANTY work with no out of pocket cost. I also run all Stihl with few problems, I've only had one issue with not starting and that was on an old FS55 trimmer that the screen was clogged on. Its long gone now and has been replaced with a FS100rx, which is a much better machine for daily use.
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