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Well, i've thought about posting on here for awhile in hopes of not getting harassed by dvs and others, but here it is. I've got roughly six years landscape,hardscape, and irrigation experience. I worked for a contractor in my area while attending college. I have 3 bachelor degrees none having anything to do with landscape. I've done roughly ten mid-large size jobs on my own for friends and family members. I'm at the point where I really want to go out on my own. I've found that i really enjoy hardscape and working for or by myself. There seems to be alot larger profit potential for me going this route. I'll be moving to Illinois mid summer and was looking for advice as far as starting a business there and starting a business in general. I don't have much equipment but all the tools neccessary to complete jobs. So my overhead is low. Also i was thinking as far as medical insurance, what do you guys find yourself doing policy wise if your wife doesn't get medical? I'd really like helpful advice. If you can take your time to post something worth my time i'd appreciate it.

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