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Ferris Comfort Control DD vs. Exmark Turf Tracer

Hello. im looking to purchase a 60/61 walk behind and have narrowed my choices down to to these two machines. Prices are very close for both, and so is dealer support, with just a slight lead on the ferris dealer.

My main concerns are cut quality in less than ideal conditions. I know the ultra cut deck cuts good, but i need to be able to - 1. cut at full speed in weekly conditions 2. cut wet grass/grass in the rain 3. cut fairly tall "pasture" grass and 4. cut weedy and less than perfect lawns.

Now, i have a 7 Iron ii deck on my current walkbehind. Deere stopped making this machine when they moved plants, and finding one used is very hard. The thing is, im very happy with the machine, and more so, the deck, because it has excelled in all the conditions i have listed above. Its pretty invincible lol.

So, i like the ferris, except for the 10 gauge deck. HOW WILL IT HOLD UP?
and HOW DOES THE FERRIS DECK CUT? based on my requirments listed above.

I dont like the hightly baffled deck on the exmark. will i have to double cut a lot??

bottom line, based on my machine/deck now, and what i have said above what do you think, based on experience, will be the best machine (cut and durability) for me? I DO NOT HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO DEMO since these are not common sizes. please share you honest opinions on these machines. Thanks
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