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Originally Posted by MOturkey View Post
The color change doesn't bother me, it is just one of those things I'll get used to after a while, but I don't really understand the purpose in making another forum for talking about equipment. I personally feel that when you start restricting posting to smaller and smaller subject groups, it takes away from the overall experience of monitoring the forum.

How many times have members, myself included, mentioned they posted in this forum instead of the more "appropriate" one, simply because fewer people seem to frequent them? To me, the mix of any discussions related to owning and operating a mowing/lawn maintenance business, should all be on one forum, not in a half dozen different ones.
This wasn't my idea but I think it was a good one. If you are in the market to buy some equipment, wouldn't you rather go into one forum and see thread after thread of equipment comparisons instead of having to search through page after page of unrelated threads?
A forum can get so busy that new threads can get quickly pushed off page one. We really don't want unrelated threads posted in a forum because that forum is busier than the correct forum. We try and keep the forums organized so members can quickly find what they are interested in. We will just move out of place threads to the correct forum, so it is better to make every effort to put it in the correct forum to begin with.
Thanks for the input
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