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Originally Posted by knox gsl View Post
I do well in this area. I charge for them like anyone else, my hourly rate and cost plus on materials. They can be a little harder to sell at first but I find it easy to build a good base as they are good for referrals. Most of mine get lots of extras and are willing to pay the price.
Thanks for the reply. I know there are some people on here who have clients they roll out the red carpet for but these people are willing to pay for it. There's one guy in Connecticut that charges $750/month for a residential customer and they gladly pay it but he's doing everything and their brother for them. I don't mind doing that if they're willing to pay. He also claims they're loyal as Lassie, as long as you feed them.I get tired of the commercial property that will rebid the property whether you're doing a great job or not and the residential customer who's only price driver. I also get tired of the customer who will give you a contract but doesn't want to spend an extra $.50 on pinestraw to keep his yard looking good. You have his yard manicured perfectly but the beds are showing dirt because he's pinching pennies-that reflects on you.
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