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Originally Posted by Woodman1 View Post
Chuck - Do you have an rv type plug (7 pin) - if so - there is a hot wire in that that you can raw power off of. If not - One way that I have seen it done is get a pair of quick connectors that run from the battery to the back of your truck. Then you can plug up to that connector with one mounted to the trailer. If that doesn't make sense - I will try to get you some pics. I know Copacabana has pics of his dump trailer hooked up like that.
Hope that helps some!
Thanks for the reply!

I DO have a 7-pin connector on my truck, but only a 4-pin on the trailer (I currently use an adapter).
I would like to rewire the trailer to be used by the 7-pin, and be independent from the truck's lights. This way I can turn on the interior lights and/or exterior spot lights without having to turn on my truck lights.

I was just curious if anyone else had done the same thing with their trailer, and could maybe give me some pointers?

I am wondering if I could cut the 4-pin off of the trailer wires and install a 7-pin plug on the end....but I am not sure which wire I would need to move to get the constant power, or if I would have to add a wire to the trailer to get the constant power?

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