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18 down yesterday, 42 down. yesterday's included a very large job. 13 degrees when we started, but warmed up to 39. strangely, around 26 degrees at 10:30 or so, with 2 pairs long johns, jeans, and t shirt, 2 long sleeve t's top with no coat, and felt ok. I think once the first level of frostbite kills those weak nerve endings near the skin you do start to get used to this. I always forget that. also, if you stay busy carrying wreaths and boxes, then with little or low wind that temp is ok to work. at 34 or so with activity, I went to one long sleeve t. added back the 2nd t around 4:30 once temp creeped back to 29 and we were wrapping up last takedowns and headed to shop.

The all together method of 7 guys attacking jobs is working well for morale and seems to be ok for getting work done. while it seems to be overkill for jobs with only c9's up top, but it is funny, immediately 2 guys grab painter poles and start pulling down lights, 2 guys grab ladders for cords on gutters, and 2 guys grab spool and spooler, and I am already writing tags for c-9s as soon as I get out. I throw out cord box, bundle cords, we all pick up clips and in 10 minutes we are done and on to the next one. will keep you posted, but so far I like this method if you have lots of jobs in close proximity.
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