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our rc100 is dedicated to a 63 unit hoa that we maintain year round. In the winter we are responsible for clearing the drives, roads, parking areas, and central mailbox area. We use a boss 9' trip edge skid steer blade with the boss wings that make it 11' wide. It probably cost around 3500 otd. I was also looking at the 10' kage unit like ARP has, but the cost difference was what made me choose the boss blade. The 100 will pull the snow off of 10-15 drives into the street then go through and clean the road and drive piles. I like this setup because I get the ability to angle the plow and maintain a scoop because of the wings, but not lose windrow capability like the kage with the box attachment on. Plus I don't have to go around hooking back up to the box wings. Now, had this unit been on a parking lot only, then I definitely would have gotten a Kage. For this HOA the boss blade is most efficient.

I also have an erskine 2410x hi flow snow blower for the skid that we use to blow piles back. This is a very tight hoa with not much room to accumulate snow. So when the piles get too big, we blow them to spread them out to make more room. We do not leave snow at the aprons of the houses, much to tight.

My vote is for both lol. We paid about 6400 for the blower. The blower is much much slower than you would think at clearing anything 4" and over in this scenario. It excels in deep deep snow where a blade cant do anything and for moving piles. Remember there is no trip action for the blower either.

this is our machine for cleaning residential driveways:

Boss skid steer blade w/o wings:

2410x blower on rc100:

And these are the wings that are on the skid steer plow now, they are interchangeable to any of our truck plows, except the XT plow.
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