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Originally Posted by jones68 View Post
you can cut it off and install a 7 the sell them at tractor supply, any trailer place, or i ordered one from they come with the chart to tell you what wire goes where or you can find one with a quick google search. i found this one it should help. note that the colors are not the same from 4 to 7. I have re-wired several trailers and each trailer has its own little quirks. the most helpful tool through it is a test light. I always go through and test the truck first to make sure everything is working properly on that end then move to the trailer. I learned that one the hard way i spent a good 30 minutes trying to figure out why i couldnt get one of the trailer functions to work and come to find out it was a blown fuse in the truck i had it hooked up too overall not a tough job just take your time and double check your connections. i recommend using the heat shrink connectors to keep water and corrosion out. Let us know how you make out

Thank you so much!

So I will not have to run any additional wire, and rewiring a 4-pin to a 7-pin should do the trick?

I will let you know how it turns out once I can get around to doing it!

*CORRECTION: After reviewing the diagram you posted, I see that I will have to run an additional wire for the 12V portion of the plug.
This is not a problem as I will run it straight to the interior lights (each have a switch) and also to the exterior spotlights (which I will install a switch for each as well).

Thank you again, this is a HUGE help!

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