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What do I do to get equipment in cutting condition??

Ok, so Ive just been offered this list of lawn care equipment to get me started in the industry. I was hoping to get some information on what type of equipment I am looking at and what my 1st things 1st list should be in getting them in a solid working condition. My plan is to get the second walk behind in proper working condition to use as my main cutting machine, but its a 61 mover and I assumed .5 to 1 acre lawns would be my start and this just seems huge for that type of lawn.

This is step one in the process for me and any help is greatly appreciated guys. Ive listed as much information as I could find on each machine.

So the first piece of equipment is in pretty good condition as is. He is not willing to part with it just yet, but it can be used at any time.

The second unit looked to be in pretty good condition, but will need some TLC. It started on the first pull, after sitting since June. The most obvious problem is dry rot on some of the hoses and body rust. It has the seat attachment (last image) and an additional set of the large tires with it.

This last Snapper was in no condition to even discuss with him. I was thinking that there may be a few options in either restoring it or just pulling the motor and adding it to another machine.
That is it for the mowers. Ill add the blowers, trimmer and a few other items shortly. Again, I appreciate any information you can help with.

1 61 walk behind
1 61 zero turn, I think its called. Seat attachment included
1 36 ride on (Salvage?)
2 Gas blowers
1 Gas trimmer
1 Gas bushwacker trimmer.
If needed:
Aerator, 2nd trimmer, backpack blower, small push mower, mulcher, edger
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