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There is a basic principle that is continually lacking as far a how microbes exist in the environment... that principle is the same as for any other living thing...

Even people will thrive, struggle or die according to the environment... if you have too much undigested OM at any given location, it is like a bum living out of garbage can behind the restaurants... is this an environment in which people thrive???

Does compost tea create too much undigestted OM??? Does Sumagreen produce too much undigested OM??? Do the microbes in either one fit the environment of the turf in question???

You have anectdotal results for your Zoysia and someone else will have anecdotal results for their KBG, or their clay, sand, irrigated, nonirrigated and everyone's anectdotal results will be used and acted upon as though it was meaningful across the board...

One size fits all... if compost tea/sumagreen etc. works like a charm in Joe Blow's Tennessee Lawn, well that's good enough for me... I don't have to understand how living things work, I only have to believe in Joe Blow's results, becuz these products work consistantly across the board... Correct???

I'm not trying to be offensive and start an arguement,,, I'm trying to get some thought into the discussion...

What is your Zoysia turf like and what diseases occured??? Does your turf have a nice layer of dead lawn debris for the microbes to feed on??? Does your soil have structures built by these microbes with aggegrates conducive to drainage AND water holding capacity???

These are the questions, to start with, because there is no other way to answer, whether or not your organics was the cause...
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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