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A List of things that could be the problem.
Engine Cranks But Will Not Start
● Battery connected backwards.
● Blown fuse.
● Carburetor solenoid malfunction.
● Choke not closing.
● Clogged fuel line or fuel filter.
● Diode in wiring harness failed in open circuit mode.
● DSAI or DSAM malfunction.
● Empty fuel tank.
● Faulty electronic control unit.
● Faulty ignition coil(s).
● Faulty spark plug(s).
● Fuel pump malfunction-vacuum hose clogged or
● Fuel shut-off valve closed.
● Ignition module(s) faulty or improperly gapped.
● Insufficient voltage to electronic control unit.
● Interlock switch is engaged or faulty.
● Key switch or kill switch in OFF position.
● Low oil level.
● Quality of fuel (dirt, water, stale, mixture).
● SMART-SPARKTM malfunction.
● Spark plug lead(s) disconnected.

The back firing problem has been solved.
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