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being on here is definetly not helping, i agree there.. lol. but in my defense, i am sitting here trying to put together letter of introduction, so i can target yards that i know have a service doing it, targeting yards that are getting "half assed" these are yards that i've noticed with the trugreen, scotts sign, or other company. these are yards that have been loaded with fescue clumps all year (mostly bermuda here), have poa and henbit comming up in places despite having fall pre-emergents. there are plenty of yards like this, trugreen here for the most part is still piss poor as well as scotts.. lucky for me. This is gonna be something i can do everyday, as i am in business part time, and a stay at home dad the rest. i can drive around with my 2 year old and compile a list, with the address and a few things about the yard... I look them up on white pages and write up a nice letter. I only did this a few times last year, not nearly enough to get a response... but i'm gonna try many more per week and see what happens. I've already got me a nice size list going. I plan to follow up with postcard to the same addresses regularly.

I'm in Cobb/Paulding area.

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I know sittin here talkin to me aint getting you any customers. Or is it?

Where do you service in GA? North Atlanta - Duluth by chance?
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