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Originally Posted by Exmarkboy13 View Post
So, i like the ferris, except for the 10 gauge deck. HOW WILL IT HOLD UP?
and HOW DOES THE FERRIS DECK CUT? based on my requirments listed above.
Nothing wrong with a 10 gauge deck. Its how some of the best mowers are made. Ferris, Scag, Bobcat. Its not just 10 gauge. Its 2 layers of 10 gauge. So its actually thicker than 7 guage. The dual layers resists bending better than a single sheet of material would.

As far as cut, I really cant comment on your conditions over the internet. Only thing I can say is ask people that use them in your area for what you plan to use it for.

All of these mowers are designed to cut grass that is not incredibly wet and not too tall. "Fairly tall pasture grass" would best be handled by a bushhog. Not a finish mower(which is what the Exmark and Ferris are).
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