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ok, i understand. Sorry "clear difference" I probally should have clarified myself alittle better.

1) You comment about the commercial property and my lawn tractor & ATV. I used the lawn tractor this year, with rotating strobes and an SMV to pull my stuff around, up and down all of the side streets (i have 35 accounts, but there on a very tight route, WITH AFEW EXCEPTIONS) . I recently purchased an atv, cause im projecting a huge amount of growth. I live in a very small suburb, and im the biggest "landscaper" in our city at the moment.I know all of the other landscapers, and we all get along well. One actually lives two streets over.

Being its a small town, i know everyone, almost. I cut and do a lot of landscaping for the ex-mayor. we maintain his 3 properties. i know the current mayor, have friends on council, live by and know well the service director, and am friends with the police cheif, and his son. Everyone knows me, if not by name, but by "the guy/kid with the tractor" lol. Me and anyone of my "helpers" wear matching reflective aperall at all times. The local authorities are ok with it, aslong as we stay of side streets. the city drives their super z's around to (i also know all the garbage men/mower operators lol).

The "commercial" is owned by one of my customers. there isnt alot of traffic at his place, so not a lot of people. the parking lot is probally a half acre at most, and its in the back. Afew strips of grass that i mow with a 21, because its alittle out of the range of where i can go, and its bordering another city, so on of my parents, or grandparents just drive me there. 10 min for $35.

I usually only have a "crew" for big landscape installs we do, or mulching/cleanups. jobs with 20, 30, 40, or more yards of material, or an installation. This year, im gonna bring on two guys to help me mow. Of course, they would go through afew months of training before they would be allowed on the job.

Yes, im not insured, but at this age, hate to say it, its unrealistic. i will get insured when i start driving, and that will be when im 16. i turn 15 in febuary.

And all of the pictures I posted are of SOME of my accounts. i take great pride in my work, appearance, and customer service. ive come along way, from 8 years old with a broken push mower and broom, to all commerical grade equipment, a wealth of knowledge, and a great client base, all on my own.

Sorry if i didnt clarify and came across as an a-hole, cause im not, just hate typing and didnt like how somepeople came across.

any questions about my operation feel free to ask, or even give me a call lol.
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