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Whenever I acquire a piece of equipment I go through it top to bottom. I always start with a full service.

Wash/ Degrease everything
Engine Oil + Filter
Hydro Oil + Filter
Fuel (Drain old fuel and replace with new) + Filter
Clean/ rebuild carburetors as necessary
Spark Plugs
Air Filter
Grease everything
Check belts and replace as necessary ( I always have extra belts on hand just in case)
Sharpen/ Replace Blades
Check tire condition and pressure.

Then I replace/ rebuild anything that is worn or looks like it may cause a problem.
Wheel Bearing
Spindle Bearings
Idler Pulleys
Hydro Hoses
Fuel Lines

Thats just a basic list off the top of my head. I like to be pretty through when I go through everything. I would rather deal with potential problems not then have equipment go down during the season.
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