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Sounds good guys! Iím a pretty thorough guy also and would prefer to catch as much as I can before I leave home. Iíd like to get that walk behind going asap! Iíll use the cruiser when I can justify having it fulltime.
Iíve added picks of the other items Iíll be getting. They will also need tune-ups. My biggest concern at the moment is 1) what to do with a 61Ē mower!! That thing looks like itís meant for open field work! 2) Getting a good starter trailer that provides security. 3) FINDING WORK in Atlanta!! Any suggestions on any of these issues? Just to put it out there, this will be headed towards a fulltime business asap. Iíve managed warehousing for 10 years and IíM OVER IT (Hope that didnít carry the emotion I was feeling)! Iím ok with managing a staff down the road a bit, but right now I see my ticket out of there and Iím planning on pursuing lawn care with a passion! Any and ALL guidance is appreciated.
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