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Originally Posted by a clear difference lawn View Post
Well I guess I stand corrected - I did not realize that you lived in a town were the laws don't apply to you and you can do what you want. Business insurance is different than car insurance. You will still have to wait till your eighteen. I was by the scag dealer in town today and asked if he would let a 13 year old demo a ztr and he started laughing so hard his face turned red. Must be real nice dealers in your town. I would put a chute blocker on that deere because if something flies out and you injure someone - there could be criminal consequences beyong the hundreds of thousands in civil expenses. One more thing. I went through your entire thread and saw lots of pictures - but none of you actually working. As a matter of fact - I was shocked at how clean your gloves, shirt, and vest were - almost as though they were not being used at all. If you were to put up a video of you on that deere at a commercial account that would really shut me up!

1) There are rules and we abide to them, but there are no rules about where people can drive LAWN TRACTOR I only drive on side streets, which all have little to no traffic. And, my setup looks like something D.O.T would drive, so im deffinately visible.

No chute blocker needed, i bag everything unless its a big, or open feild or yard, with nothing to hit. I also walk each yard right after i trim, to pick up any debris before i mow, to reduce the chance of possibly catching something.

You are in florida, not ohio. you dont know my dealers, how is it fair for you to say how they treat me, and how one of them is a personal friend that my father dealt with when he raced formula 1??? you dont know who my dealers are. for you to make this statement is rediculous and foolish on your part.

None of me working, i can understand your "concern" well, since, like i have stated, i work solo, its kinda hard for me to take a picture of me working, when im, well, working and even with a crew of people, im usually working hard, quick, and under stress of some sort. The last thing on my mind is taking pictures for an internet fourm. But, i will get better at this next season, and will take lots of pics, no worries.

My clothes?? well, ever hear of a washing machine?? lol. my grandparents own a dry cleaner, so i send alot of my work clothes there when they get filthy. with the steam cleaning equipment, they can remove that stuff alot easier than bleach can, and it wont damage the reflective vest. i bought the gloves that day, when i went to my dealer to pick up the Kombi system that i bought after i demoed it

Ill make afew videos on the spring, no problem

any other questions??? lol
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