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After today we have about 60 down. We were able to get 14 down between Christmas and New Year's -- lots of people traveling this year. But man I tell you -- we have alot of respect for those working in 20 and 30 degree weather with ice and snow. It's been upper 40s with drizzle, wind, etc the past few days and it's so miserable. Of course I get the easy job - I don't have to be out in that weather - but Carlos is dying. Tomorrow is possible sleet in the morning and rain all day so we won't be working and the guys will get a day to rest. Should be mid-50s next week -- praying for some sunshine to go along with it! We hope to have everything down by the 15th -- as long as the weather improves for next week we should make that goal.

Rented a moving truck yesterday and today and that was a HUGE help. We have an area where we have 8 homes on 3 different streets...large homes, ton of displays, two of the homes have front and back decorated (and lights all around the entire house). We were able to attack that with all the crews, the moving truck, our van and trailer...and get it all knocked out in one day. Today, the moving truck came in very handy for picking up alot of the 3D heralding angels and getting the 20' tree down.
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