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From south Jersey (outside Philly). We work in a lot of neighborhoods with 75+ and 100+ yr old oaks. Properties from 7500 sq ft total to 3 acres total. Most lawns range from 1500 sq.ft turf to 2 acres a lot of hardscapes, pools, decks, etc. Every local township conducts multiple (on average 5) curbside leaf collections mostly with large ODB leaf collection vac enclosed trailers (except Cherry Hill that uses those along with a crapload of 5 cu yd wheel loaders and triaxle dump trucks. Anyway my question is do they offer this type service in the south? If so IMHO it has to be quicker to blow the leaves to the curb tehn mow rather than go slow multiple times mulch and bag, after all, we all agree you're not running the rider through mulched/stone beds, across elevated decks, cleaning up driveways/patios with a mower,this all needs to be blown onto the turf first, so why not just blow to curb or onto a tarp and drag to the curb - duh. The point of the ground being wetter now than in the spring, so true. We had to park the ztr's for walk behinds after Thanksgiving as the riders would have rutted most lawns for sure for the entire winter. eff that!
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