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There are certainly pro's and con's to any of the business software systems available for field service companies, and I thought I would just quickly address a couple of the questions and comments brought up in this thread about Jobber with respect to Service Auto Pilot.

Of course, not every landscaping company is run the same way. SAP does a *lot* of stuff — it has a lot of features, and there's lots to learn to get up and running. If you think you need all of this stuff to be successful then SAP might be for you and would be a fine choice.

Jobber is a little bit different however. We're a modern software company first and foremost; professional software developers & engineers that built (and continue to develop and maintain) Jobber from the ground up by consulting with a number of companies with different work flows and requirements in order to design easy to use, robust and flexible software that accommodates your business, rather than the other way around. Our guiding philosophy in getting to this point and in going forward is simplicity — we focus on keeping Jobber easy to learn, and easy to use, without anything extraneous getting in the way.

While we think the more modern and effective approach to software is to keep things simple and to focus on usability, we also focus heavily on flexibility and robust features — these principles are almost *more* important the larger and more complex the organization. We have happy customers of many shapes and sizes, from sole operators doing less than $50k in revenue, to companies of 25 employees doing in excess of 5 million. We have customers who generously credit Jobber with being the reason they were able to grow their companies as quickly as they have, or at all. We have customers who have come to us from almost every other system, but especially, from the land of pen-and-paper.

In the end the right software is an important business decision that you can only make with the information available to you; sometimes option A will be the right choice, and other times option B will be. Jobber is modern software with a modern approach, and we're making waves for it. We do what we can to make it as easy as possible for you to learn about us and give us a try, so that you can make the right decision for your business, and we're constantly iterating and improving our product, the way a good software company should.

If anyone has any questions at all or needs additional information please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at, or with me personally at

I hope this was helpful!

Jeff LeHoux
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