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Well I got a chance to do some measuring tonight. I lifted the mower and checked spindles and they are good. They had no wobble and no unusual difference in my measurments between each blade.
Then I removed the old blades and checked them on my Magna-Matic, they were fairly straight, but out of balance. I went ahead and balanced my new blades and put them on. I checked the side to side measurement, it was a tad more than 1/4" off. So I adjusted the tire pressure and u-plate. It is now less than 1/16" off. Next I checked the pitch on all blades and it was already at 1/8" lower in the front. The manual says it needs 1/4". I think I will follow it and see what it does. I will have to test it in the morning on my yard first and let you guys know my results. Thank all you for your help. If this works it shows me that these things are very sensitive to any difference in either side.
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