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Comments welcome you say? OK...

I've seen the line, not impressed one bit, from what I can tell this offering has been Frankensteined together from a distributor and contractor who's importing fixtures from a couple different factories over seas, also the transformers are re branded units from Jefferson. I get a kick out of two-bit rinky dink companies that act like manufacturers when they really are just importers or brand labeling. I appreciate that illumicare does not state they are a manufacturer, it shows they know their role.

I've been to the floor of Nightscaping with Bill and watched as his employee "manufactured" a foot lighter top. Ive also been in the BK Lighting factory and watched them create a Nite Star from a raw block of aluminum in one of their many 250K CNC lathes. Coppermoon was once made in Atlanta Georgia, not any you can buy his fixtures directly from JBC electric in Taiwan, google it and save yourself money if you buy that brand.

My hat is tipped to the real manufacturers of the world, the folks who design, test, invest millions in manufacturing equipment machinery, hire local North American employees to work at their factory, properly certify their goods, follow good environmental practices, and stand behind their efforts to offer the market a reputable product. Not even a question of which brands I buy:
Arroyo Craftsman
BK Lighting
Kim Lighting
FX Luminaire
Stephen Powers
S&P Contracting
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