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I'm in the camp that thinks you don't need to adhere to an industry-common color scheme. Green and yellow obviously dominate, but I think whatever is impactful, easy to process visually, and best lends itself to multiple marketing mediums is the best path to head down. Obviously, people will say, "It's a landscape business, it's gotta be a green logo.". My counter is that, as long as it makes for an easy to remember image, I think the 14 foot trailer with lawn gear stuffed in the back and a guy mowing a lawn indicates more than the color green on the lettering will. If they're visiting your web site, they know they're at a lawn-related site. Have fun with it and do what makes you most comfortable.

I will say that, far and away, the best feedback I've ever received for LCO-related design work has not been from using the usual colors. In fact, the only green you will see is in the photographs. I think lawn and landscape photos pop significantly more if they are not set against the usual green color scheme.
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