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I fixed that problem

I had the same issue and looked at every way possible to squeeze more from my crew.

I put them on commission. They started hustling and they even started firing the slow ones for me. Then they brought better guys to replace them. It was a 180 degree in efficiency.

If they screwed it up, well I had an answer for that one too. FREEbie. I already paid you to do it right.
They check each other's work so that they do not have to come back and fix it for free.

Now you don't have to fire anyone or pay to monitor them. They will police each other and get done quicker in a day.

My guys mow an extra house on an 11,000 square ft lot every hour.

They consistently finished early in the day and showed up earlier and on time.
They called each other and made sure everyone showed up at the same time and took lunches on the run.

I did not crack the whip on them at all. They did it to each other.
They loved the pay raise and so do I.

6000 square foot lot pay out
same as a
14,000 square foot payout.
15,000 square foot I pay double.
My guys make $15 per hour easy.

3man crew
Driver $3.00
Helper $2.75
Helper $2.75

2man crew
Driver $4.43
Helper $4.07
Integrity. Service. Excellence.

Whole buncha crud

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