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I did a test last season with my mailers and set up an additional phone number and domain name linked to my fert page. We did Three rounds of 5k cards. These were not EDDM, but were addresses from a mailing list using our target demographics such as homeowners, home values, incomes, etc. From the 15k post cards that went out our site we gained 42 customers for full fert programs, which equates to .28% of the postcard recipients signing up for service.

Here is the general brake down of the numbers for that mailing campaign.
Called us directly utilizing campaign specific phone number on post card: 28, Estimates 22, CLOSED SALES 10
Visitors to website utilizing campaign specific domain on card: 298
Initiated a FERT request on the website: 112, Estimates Provided 84, CLOSED SALES 32

We did continue to bring in some more work from those particular cards, for example 14 people who found our website from the cards used the links to our irrigation pages and received either irrigation service or winterization last year. These cards also brought in roughly 3k in Sod, and 7k in hardscape install revenue
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