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Originally Posted by johnnybravo8802 View Post
Name me one person who doesn't have a problem with the pitfalls of this profession. Nobody wants to work their tail off for 2 yrs only to lose a big money contract to someone who's a little cheaper-that's the way a lot of commercial goes. It's based on crunching numbers and saving a dollar. However, when you lose that money, it's tough to replace it sometimes. I've listened to some on here who have a customer base who's very loyal as long as you're doing what they want. They also don't expect you to work for free. That's the direction I'm going towards.
I have been pushing for what you want since I opened 5 years ago. I'm up to 18 total customers BUT, all but 3 or so are full service. I do EVERYthing on their property. I even will stop by to change a light bulb!
Right now I'm getting ready to head over to a customers home to start plumbing in utilities for a half bath we're building in the basement. It's framed in and ready for utilities. I have friends in about every profession so I can do about anything for income. They come in and use their contractors license and we split the profit. I do any type of work at, around or in a home for money. I have 2 commercial properties I maintain. Both are great payers. I actually get paid monthly from both of them and it's a month in advance. If they had said they would not pay in advance, I would have told them to keep looking.
For anyone thinking 18 customers is small, I manage to support a family, and live good all while only working 3-4 days a week on average. When it's busy, I'll work day after day if that's what it takes. Last year I worked 48 days straight without a break then turned around and did another 20 or so.
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