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Double blade fabrication

Its oak leave, magnolia leave, and pesky pine needle time in Florida again. This year the winter has been very mild so the grass is still growing and the leaves are falling. I have been mulching since late November and wanted better results cutting the grass and pulverizing leaves. After searching lawnsite I purchased G6 blades and was very disappointed with the results. I then did a search on double blades. Almost all of what I read was people slapping two sets on and letting them rip. This concerned me for 2 reasons. First, the blades could spin and not be lined up. Second, the extra weight could damage the clutch, belts, and spindles. So I tried to come up with a solution of my own. First of all I searched mower blades looking for ones that were particularly lightweight.

Picture #1: I fabricated notches in the lightweight blade on the right to fit the factory grasshopper gator blade.

Picture #2: The notches hold the blade in place in one direction - the washer locks it in in the other.

Picture#3: Everything balanced.

Picture#4: I put this pic up to show that the combination of oem gator blade plus the lightweight mulching blade are barely heavier than one G6 blade.

Picture #5: The entire setup installed under the deck of my grashopper 41".

Pictures # 6 and #7: A side discharge setup that I fabricated with a honda quadracut top blade. This is as of yet untested but will be come springtime.

The mulching setup worked out awesome - could not be more pleased. When I engage the blades It feels and sounds no different than a single blade. Everything stays balanced and in place. It vaporizes leaves and pine needles while still leaving a crisp cut. Just what I was looking for.
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