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Originally Posted by GSO LAWNEN4CER View Post
@ Patriots services good points also.But by the time I'm at the 40 customers mark.I will have credit card #'s on file. They will be billed the day after services. I'm not gonna play the waiting game for services rendered.No way now how! That bill every month is old school thinking.In the day of Card readers for I pads/Phones/paypal ect. Technology is leaving your guys behind!
Who is waiting? As of this morning all 286 customers paid for January. I have all the modern tech to give my people the options on paying. Not everybody has or uses credit cards. If you start dictating payment methods you will lose customers. Remember card swipes cost money as well. Monthly billing is hardly old school in this and many other industrys. As for the one time service, I answered that question.
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