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Hello Stephen. With all due respect, my suspicion here is that you know not of what you speak. The illumicare precision brass fixture line is not "frankenstiened" together. The Hyperion and Aether fixtures specifically were designed by me in conjunction with an experienced engineer. The parts were then manufactured in Germany with final assembly of the fixtures here in Ontario. As far as I know, the Hyperion is the only application specific, tree mounted bullet downlight that carries and IP68 rating in the entire marketplace. The Aether is also IP68 rated and I have not seen any bullet fixtures that carry this distinction, let alone the other unique features that this fixture offers the professional contractor. All of Illumicare's fixtures carry full and proper Electrical Listings; cETL and cUL. As for the Illumicare branded transformer, well I assure you they are not from Jefferson (any seasoned lighting pro should be able to know this from a simple look at them). Are you going to criticize Vista, Kichler, Hadco, CAST, and so many other lighting companies for using 'third party' transformers because they all do it.

Before you criticize any company's manufacturing processes, perhaps you should take a kick at the can. Investigate, research, design, prototype, manufacture, get listings, carry inventory, promote, market, distribute and invest your money into producing something unique in this busy segment. Its not so easy I assure you.

I am glad that you have not had a lot of moisture issues in the PNW... but have to wonder how many and what type of fixtures you are using for tree mounted downlighting? Are you simply taking a Lumiere 203 Bullet and turning it upside down on a tree mount? Or are you using BK Deltastars/Nightstars, another bullet uplight, and aiming it down as well? I have used both and while the Lumiere 203 seals pretty well, I got tired of the anti-syphon system causing direct shorts in the fixture out of the box. (Break a stem apart and you will see what their 'system' is all about) When I went to BK Deltastars I had a 22% failure rate... with them filling with water in only 6 months of use. When it came time for warranty, they left me to sway in the breeze, a very expensive situation as over the course of that next year I had to replace all of the over 400 I had installed previously. To be fair; That was a long time ago now, and the President of BK did eventually sit with me to apologize and offer to 'make things right'. Both of course are powder coated aluminum fixtures, something I decided to entirely move away from many years ago.

Do not suggest for one minute that my clients have anything to worry about as I have always taken care of them and always strived to install nothing by the best. When any issue does arise, I am the first person to step in and make it right, and I know that my wonderful and constantly referring clients will stand behind me in that regard. Again, I feel that you know not of what you speak.

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