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Unfortunately these would seem like good ideas but in this economy, the good worker just wants the money. Any perks like a truck, phone or vacation days just make the other workers feel disrespected and that causes problems in the field. Borrowing company items leads to guys using your stuff for themselves. Believe me, I work at a big money company that uses these ideas and these are the problems they have.

Employees don't respect the equipment or the product of the work because they feel they do the ***** work and someone else gets all the credit and the money.

Guys take a van or a truck home and all you hear is how they used it for themselves or they got jobs you could have got because someone approached them and not the salesmen.

Tools get taken home and used or stolen and things just get bad and they get worse for us supervisors because of the mistrust and the bad moral.

Then rules get broken and the rule breakers don't get fired because the company can't just fire guys for every time they steal or drink or sleep, cuz then they'd have no guys to do the work.

Yea you get a paid day off let's say on 4th of July and its a Monday. But then the upper management cuts Friday off the next week to make that money back. Or maybe you get 10 paid days off for the year, but the upper management will say that the company needs 25 furrow days for the year, so what do you gain with the 10 days?

Essentially, the company gets so big that it can't afford itself and the upper crust cuts the legs from the men to keep afloat b/c they're not gonna downsize the company and lose their share just to be fair to anyone.

In the end your company gets big and its every man for himself. The company can't afford overtime or raises, they can't afford to enforce rules and can't even offer incentives that don't seem like lies.

Things aren't like they used to be... So just make your money and stay small. Invest in loaders and large equipment and sub yourself out. That seems like the only way to make honest money.

BTW I gotta get out of my job!
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