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Originally Posted by rcreech View Post
As I stated earlier...we don't apply it as compost.

We use as an ammendment to our topsoil.

When I call EPA I am going to clarify that this is a farm and that we are mixing it with topsoil.

It may make a difference.

What makes the difference what you use it for

It's there one big pile

You have it setting in a field with no grass just dirt run off is high

Have you every walked around it when it rains brown water will come out like a tea

They say that a lot of run off comes from farms

There are lots of saw mills around here they are no longer allowed to let piles of saw dust and chips set around it has to be hauled away lots of acid in wood

We used to use saw dust to bed horses you can't' get saw dust any moire

Not putting you down you make it sound like because it's on a farm and not used for compost every thing is ok

i seen on TV one time where they composted and they had to catch run off water and reuse it

Charles Cue
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