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Originally Posted by lukemelo216 View Post
we took out about 500 SF of concrete driveway and about 100 SF of sidewalk this fall and it took 1 guy in a skid, plus one one on the ground to help in breaking the concrete at the joints about 2 hours to take out and load up.We also took out a stoop. The stoop was the hardest becasue it was rebared into the foundation and it was a soild pour, which was odd for a stoop poured about 3 years ago in our area (most are hollow).

No need for a concrete breaker. Skid steer, forks and a guy with a sledge hammer and you can get it out in no time. If you have a big enough truck that is probably about 1.5-2 loads. We loaded up our International and a trailer. We were pushing the envelope with our weight, but the job was about 1 hour away and we didnt want to make 2 trips.

I want to say I charged around $900 to remove the concrete and we made money all day long. We get to dump concrete for free at a local asphalt plant, so I dont have any dump fees.
Remember the original poster has nothing in the way of equipment or manpower. He was looking to sub it out. Still don't think there is enough meat on the bone at a grand for the general contractor. What do guys like to see for minimums on subbed jobs? Personally I shoot for 30%. I will spend a lot time time on site to make sure I don't have to come back and finish the job. I have trustworthy subs, but at the end of the day it's still my name on the job.
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