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Sorry, I thought I typed it clearer than I now see I did. The numbers you are using Riggle were just for people who contacted us via phone from that campaign. A couple lines below those numbers are seperate numbers for the people who did not call but instead contacted us through our website after receiving the cards.

Here are the total of phone+online requests for the 3 mailings totaling 15,000 mailers.
Requests for Proposals: 140
Proposals Provided: 106
Sales Closed: 42
The first mailer was a 5.5x8.8 post card, the 2nd was a trifold, the 3rd was once again a 5.5x8.5. The postcards were distinct for the months they were sent out, 1st one "It's not to early to start thinking about spring", the 3rd "It's not to late to protect your lawn this summer", the 2nd (trifold) was more general about or fert service.

We use all heavy stock and high closs, full color. The 15k averaged out to $0.41 each printed and mailed to our demographics. That equates to $43.92 per contact, $58 per proposal, $146 per sale.

These numbers are strictly for fert programs. This does not take into account for the roughly $12,000 in other sales and services we gained from the people who visitted our site after receiving the mailings
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