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We mostly only dump into our dump trailer. Not sure on the dimensions, but i'll post some pictures for comparison.

The specs claim the hinge pin height to be 81" (compared to the bobcat at only 71").

Dumping at max height is somewhat limited by the bucket dump angle. It does not dump very steep at full height. But you can shake the bucket to get the material out.

The other limiting factor is reach. The bucket will be dumping at the edge of the bed, not the center. So you might not be able to get the bed "fully loaded".

Bottom line, it's not ideal for loading material, but will get the job done when needed.

I think I've posted these before, but here they are again.

This one to show the height of what we dump into on a regular basis. Close to max height.

And this one to show the dump angle at max height, bucket shaking does the trick for "sticky materials". We cheat when we can by loading for an elevated surface (above curb).

I personally wouldn't consider anything but a Ditch Witch or Vermeer as other brands don't compete in the lift height/lift capacity department, at least not bobcat and toro. You'd think they would get the clue by now.

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