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James your telling the industry that they need to install ip68 rated fixtures in non immersed applications? To be clear you are essentially saying that all the other manufacturers are wrong by rating their fixtures for ip66? These manufacturers employee some of the lighting industries best engineers and designers have not got it wrong all these years? Really? Your sales pitch is nothing short of a fallacy young man, ip68 has not been required, and never will be required, unless the fixture is immersed in water. Nice sales pitch but its clearly nothing more than red herring. If you are having moisture problems I know its either an installation or fixture selection issue because I certainly do not have moisture issues

Funny you mention the Cambria 203, I have installed many of them in both up and down light applications and prior to using them the local rep gave me the same advice not to spin the knuckle stem, totally makes sense as with most knuckle mount fixtures right? Problems out of the box? I have not seen it enough to cause concern I install about 50-80 plus per year for down lighting.
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