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Something doesnt seem to add up. How do you have 7-9 well traing wmployees. Either you have 7 or you have 9. Lets say you have 9. At 40 hour a week 52 weeks a year and a rate of 10 per hour. Which I imagine landscape crew makes more. Thats 187, 200 not including taxes or insurance. Rent is another 6000. Lets say 300 a week in gas. Prob low for that many trucks. Thats 15600 per year. That puts u at 208200 total. Add 140k in profit that 350k. That only leaves 150k for other expenses and material for jobs. With equipment you have listed sounds like your doing hardscape which. That would be tough to have that high a profit margin on 500k. None of that even includes power bills, vehicle insurance, dot tax, blades, maintenance on equipment, payroll tax, ect. Just me figuring quick numbers in my head. Sorry for rypos. This was postwd on phone.
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