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Originally Posted by LWG View Post
Haven't you been reading DVS's posts?!?! You should never incorporate grass fibers in the snow for the base course. The grass will deteriorate very quickly, and you'll have a call back in a week or so. Use some polyolefin rope cut into 3 cm sections and frayed in an "X" pattern. About 1 pound of fibers per linear foot should do. That will give you superior stability and last well into the first real thaw.

I won't even comment on the color. It's probably the same color as every other snow wall on the block. Geez, why can't you amateurs hire a pro with some landscape design ability? Are you a homeowner? You said you're a landscaper, but I'll bet you were doing that as a homeowner project.

Find someone who has built some snow walls and work with them for a while before you go out on your own like that.

I have lots more to say but I'm on my mobile phone now. There's so much wrong with this I don't know where to begin.

(Just kidding, it looks great!)
Too funny. As far as color goes, I did sprinkle some of my blood on the wall for effect. (I cut my hand on one of the plastic bins we were using). So, at least it did look like a true masacre had taken place.

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