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Originally Posted by weaver View Post
Hey Jim what do you think about the fj180v? I think it's gonna be a little under powered myself and i don't care for the timed blades...
I believe that's the same engine on my 21" x series. That thing has tons of power. Mowing regular maintained lawns wills be fine. It may be 30" but you don't have the weight or all the belts like a regular walk behind. And its only 9" more than a 21". This on has a chambered mulch kit which will help use less power vs using just a block off plate. Plus you can just side discharge. I have one ordered and plan on side discharging mostly. Now if someone was to do bi weekly lawns or forclosure homes I would say just get a regular walk behind or stander or just a z. I use my 21" at least 5 hours a week. So if I can save time and foot steps I will. These are lawns that are tough to difficult to get anything other than a 21" or now this 30" to fit.
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