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Originally Posted by notmyj View Post
Hey guys, I'm another new guy just getting started for 2013. 30 yr old with a full time job. Gonna be a solo operation, part time. Looking to stay in the south hills and a bit of wash co, Bethel Park, South Park, Peters, McMurray and Cannonsburg. Anyone else in these submarkets too? Looking to start with a 36 or 48 WB, a 21 push, and a small blower. I already have a Stihl FS70 trimmer.

I'm gonna be legit, insurance and licenses, etc. I am going to look at Exmarks tomorrow. Have a business name picked out and plan on having everything submitted early next week. I would like to have everything done and ready to go by mid march at the latest. I am planning on doing some small ads in the Almanac since it goes to the areas I am looking stay it. Is this short sighted?

What is the going rate in this area? I have been told $1/min for mowing. Would you guys recommend the 36 or the 48? Is there anything I am missing relating to the pittsburgh market? How many accounts should I be realistically expecting in my first year? Is the market too saturated or is there always workto be had? I don't plan on low balling just to get accounts, I am doing this for money, not for charity.

Look forward to seeing you guys out this year....
Good Luck this year! there are a few guys on here who are in your area. You sound like you have a decent plan going. Realistically you could have 10 accounts your first year depending on advertising and whatnot. I have a 36 and 48 and I am selling the 36 to get a 52. definitely go for a hydro mower for whatever you decide. If you do good work and have good customer relations, you will have no problem picking up accounts in our market. This site is a wealth of knowledge to an extent. You sometimes have to sort through the bs.
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