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Originally Posted by johnnybravo8802 View Post
Well, just to shed a little light on the topic, I've been "in the world", that is, the world of lawn maintenance since 78' and I've seen it all when it comes to customers and different contracts. I don't "need a vacation", I'm simply trying to go a different and more money making route than I've gone in the past. That was sort of the point of this thread-people who cater to high end residential and the services they offer to warrant higher paying jobs.
I was not trying to be an A-Hole at all but I myself find that I am introspective this time of year. You will find similar problems as your described in all classes of clients.

I do not know your or your circumstances. I find that setting some level of standards will set you apart from others. Frankly commercial work on many Class A properties are hard to get because they do not want a failure. Curb Appeal is is important to them but so it price.

I know many top managers in commercial property management yet at the same I am not rolling in invites to bid. Go figure.

You and you alone have to figure out your strenghts, your standards and how you want to deal with the PITA clients.
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