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Originally Posted by RigglePLC View Post
Considering the high cost of sending them out and the cost of each sales lead. It makes sense to make sure that the mailers are the best they can be. And that your salesmen, estimates and followup are the best that they can be. Every incoming phone call is worth $43.

I think this makes a free ap when a customer refers a friend, relative or neighbor...a bargain by comparison.
We get a number of accounts from referals each season. We credit the existing customer $50-$100 for referals depending on the size of the property and package the new customer takes. We credit their account after the new customer has received and paid for their 3rd service.

I'm hoping to see the closing rate increase next year. I ran a good amount of the sales as well as my lawn supervisor. We both had good closing rates, but also had my fert tech running leads as well, he's a great tech, knows his stuff inside and out. But he's not a great sales guy. He has come far since last spring, so hopefully he'll be doing better this coming season. He's already begun calling some of those missed sales from last season and has now closed a couple of them.
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