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Originally Posted by lawn_jockey View Post
acculawnsystems looks like gold to me. it would allow us to close deals over the phone using it internally probably shorten the close over the phone by 2 minutes.
Currently we have to research property tax records on a gov site which takes time.
I just cant see how their 'proprietary algorithm' is going to be better than goilawn or measurement assistant. All they do is look at the county tax data for lot size and give you the most likely lawn size based on that 'calculation'. What about wooded lots? What about pools? What about???
Its great but there are better ways. I was going to buy about 100 zips until I realized it was just a formula. I started with a formula of our own in excel. It was accurate enough but we have grown beyond that and are better for it.
If this post seems mean, it's probably because I'm drunk posting. Maybe my next one will be better...
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