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I know when mulching it makes a mess on hard surfaces, so in that case I would try to stay off of them,especially when you turn off the blades and all the crap under the deck falls down and gargles out the sides, yeah thats a mess, but otherwise it just looks nicer if you lines go to the end. I dont think your bigger blower will help much I have on and sometimes the stuff is just stuck/painted on. I agree on the tires to an extent, Im sure it contibutes to the wear, but so long as you not doing burn outs, and wheelies it shouldnt make too much off a difference.
I prefer a spotless sidewalk/driveway vs my stripes going to the end.

the only time my tires touch the concrete is when I'm going to or from the trailer or crossing from one section of turf to another.

the stuck on clippings and grass stains aren't worth making the stripes go to the end. at least not to me.

Originally Posted by Groomer View Post
I switch it up wherever possible-but some properties dictate I use the same pattern, like this 3 tiered front that slopes on the side as well, with a walk down the center.
I would call that the vertical pattern from looking at the house from the street. so couldn't you also do the horizontal pattern.

I can see why no diagonal pattern would be used but I would think you could use the horizontal pattern.
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