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Originally Posted by GSO LAWNEN4CER View Post
You as the business owner have all rights to dictate how you will recieve payment. Its YOUR business. Some businesses will only take cash. Look at pizza places.Most wont take a check anymore,its either cash/debit/credit. So your point on that is wrong. And 2.75% is nothing to loose sleep over on a card swipe.

You guys have every right to bill as you wish.I on the other hand choose to use technology as tool for my business. The other day I took a pic of a check and made a deposit. The tech is out there its up to you if you want to use it or not.
You stated you have less than 40 customers. We are not exactly on the same level of play here. If you choose to limit the options a customer has to pay you will lose business because of it. Cash, check , paypal, cc is all accepted by me. Due date is always the first. I am usually paid before we even do the first service of the month. How that is wrong I don't know. If you think everybody will accept your "card on file terms" you will find out for yourself that is easier said than done. People want options , if you don't offer them, they will find somebody that does.
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