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Originally Posted by GSO LAWNEN4CER View Post
If you hire a plumber to come out and fix a pipe.He gets paid after he's done.If you hire a auto tech to fix your car.He's paid after he's done with the car. If you go to the barber shop,he's paid after cutting your hair.

Why on earth would you cut someone's grass and wait a month to get paid? Thats insanity. IMHO your a fool to wait 30days for payment.

I bill by the cut, for the cut. No money no cut. Your customers know the day your coming.Leave the check at the property. Gonna be outta town? Pay in advance for the services needed. That 30 BS puts your neck on the chopping block. Before you kno it its 60days and no payment. And by that time,you've cut the property 8-9 times. All the fuel/windsheild time/labor/ wear & tear on the equipment. You just lost a ton of money! At this point good luck getting them to pay for 9 cuts at one time.

I completely agree with this quote. The lawn care industry I think is always behind other industries in terms of advancements. The Lack of customer service and automation in the industry I just don't understand. I first started lawn care with no experience but with mass knowledge in Operation management and finance. I am a firm believer in automating the payment process and taking payments from customers either before service or usually as soon as service has been completed. Monthly payments only for large businesses and corporations. My company didn't start growing until I implemented systems like how will bill and how we handle customers.
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