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Originally Posted by TuffTurfLawnCare View Post
Hey guys, I'm the same new guy that posted above. I figured I would make a name for the company since I just registered it and I only had one post.

I went to the Exmark dealer and I'm pretty much sold on the Viking 48" with a back pack blower and the new Toro 30 push mower. I know the mower isn't a Pro grade mower but I think I can still get my money back out of it since I am planning on using it for back yards I cant get the 48 into, and trim mowing. Your thoughts on this?

As for advertising, I am planning on doing local ads in the Almanac, my other half wants to walk neighbor hoods and pass out fliers since she wants to get out walk/jog more anyway. My other idea is to offer new customers a $10 discount on their first mow if they let me put a small yard sign in their yard for one week, to be removed at the next service, and a free mow for refering a new customer in the neighborhood after the second cut at the new house.

Anyone done something like this? Also, how are most the LCO's when they see others?

Thanks again for all the info!
I would stay away from the toro 30. Ive heard nothing but bad from people who have used them. I was planning on getting one and decided against it. Look at honda. Even if its only the homeowner grade. You will be better off. As for discount i wouldnt do it on the first cut. Some people will use you once and not again. If you need signs made quicksigns in coraopolis is one of the best around. Also i use a t shirt guy near butler but hes good. The best advice i can give is make a website (fatcow is easy to use) and write a well written and laid out craigslist ad with a link to your website. Did you look into insurance yet?
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