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[QUOTE=Smallaxe;4634604]Now again it seems we have a consistancy problem...

My understanding about Southern Grasses is that they go dormant when it becomes a little chilly in the Fall so people had gotten in the habit of sowing cool season grasses to keep their lawns green for the Winter...

In the Spring/Summer it becomes too hot and the Warm Season grasses flourish on the dead bodies of the cool season grasses that could tolerate the heat...

Is this the procedure??? or not???
I suppose I don't need to know,,, but it is a curiosity... [/QUOTE

Seeding for erosion control is totally different than overseeding for color, and this sound's like a case of erosion control. Warm season grass's don't flourish on cool season grass's. It cause's major problem's for warm season grass, competition is the big one. If you overseed with a cool season grass too heavily you can really set back your bermuda, zoysia or st. augustine. I'm a big fan of not overseeding at all, but a lot of homeowner's like that winter color. Seeding at a low rate is the key to making this work right.
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